Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Heat--Hot Titles Sale!

I've just gotten word that the printer our publishing house contracts with has approved all the files for NICE WORK, cover and text, and we'll have books in about ten days or so! The Amazon link should go live around the 27th.

Right now, we still have the special HOT DISCOUNT of $12 and FREE SHIPPING on the direct sales site. Here's the link again to the button for pre-ordering NICE WORK.

Page down to the "N" section, about twenty-four PAGE DOWNs. NICE WORK by Denise Weeks--trade paper edition--366 pgs. Use the "Add to Cart" button and you'll see the special direct buyer price.

I hope we do have some pre-orders, as I basically promised my publisher she'd start seeing sales as soon as we went live. Doubts creep in . . . will anyone "get" the heroine and the book? Will people laugh at the funny events and clever dialogue and hilarious lines? Will people identify with Our Heroine and Our Other Heroine? Will people like the setting, the supporting cast, the parodied spelling bee and private clubs, and all that stuff? *AND* am I right in believing that hardcore readers prefer a LONG book that isn't convoluted or overly complex, but just is longer in order to explore the plot and subplots (including a romantic subplot for Our Longsuffering Heroine) fully, at its organic length?

I wish I had a buy-back program in place right now so I could guarantee you a no-risk purchase. I'm working on that, in fact, because if it's good enough for airport bookstores, it'll work for me. At the moment, though, it'll just be a leap of faith when you click to purchase the book.

Come on! Only TWELVE DOLLARS! I gave more than that for a couple of burgers and drinks at lunch today. (And I didn't even GET a burger. Those were for Mama and Hubby. He is suffering because he will have to be gone on a long business trip starting early Saturday morning. I am suffering because I know I'll be sick the entire time he's gone. I need to go to Disneyland!) You get a sturdy, good-looking, easy-reading trade softcover with a custom-drawn cover (by my cousin the famous artist/architect, no less) to put on your keepers shelf. It makes you look smart and never collects dust.

Take a look at the various hot titles out there on the Direct Sale page while you're there. You never know what you might find that you'll be glad you didn't miss. Is that a convoluted way to phrase it? Well . . . too bad. The blog's free. I don't go back and edit it. (LOL)

Help me NOT be the disappointment to my publisher that I have always been to my family! Buy a book! Plant a weed! Save a horse--ride a cowboy!


  1. I bought the book! It better be as funny as your blog, otherwise I'm taking it back to the airport (sorry, I skimmed that part, but I think I got it mainly right).

  2. E. A. Aymar: THANK YOU!! It's upstanding citizens like you who form the backbone of this country and my fan base. A very wide fan base. Let's say it is, anyway. (GRIN)

    Do you read my LiveJournal blog, too? I save the funniest/personal anecdote parts for that one so that nobody will know. (Uh-oh, I think I just gave something away.) It's at BUT DON'T TELL my editor . . . she thinks I should be all official on my blogs.

    Hope you enjoy NICE WORK! If everyone buys a copy, the sequel can come out. (Whatta deal!) The sequel is set at a national Christmas-tree-trimming contest in New York City (modeled after the Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper Contest, at which I was a finalist in 2008--I'm still ranked 8th best gift wrapper in the nation, according to the public relations firm in NYC that runs the contest for 3M/Scotch.) Jacquidon and Chantal (her sister) attend the final round of the contest only to get all embroiled in a murder again. What are the CHANCES? She could find she is no longer invited to parties, kind of like that Jessica Fletcher, AKA "the jinx."

    Keep cool out there.