Friday, July 20, 2012

NICE WORK by Denise Weeks is LIVE on Amazon!

The suggested price is somewhat higher than it is on the Oak Tree Press direct sale page. That link, again, is:
(TWELVE DOLLAR SPECIAL--page down 24 PageDown keys to the book cover and ADD TO CART)

This is cool! If you can't afford the book at Amazon--and I'll understand if you prefer to get it direct for $12 and free shipping, or if you have to wait for the Kindle edition within a few days, or whatever--PLEASE click through and click on the "Like" button that's up there with the book title on the Amazon page. It helps to bring the book "up" in the rankings, which will also reduce the price. We at Oak Tree Press are not privy to how Amazon figures the price and lowers it as the book moves up, but this happens, so we ask everyone to LIKE the book. These days everything's a popularity contest, I swear.

Keep cool out there! And pity me as well, because Hubby is about to go out there to Denver where they just had the problem. *sigh* It's gonna be lonesome here with just me and the dog and the elderly mother. . . .

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