Friday, May 3, 2013

The Signing!

Welcome to Lucky Dog Books!
Goodies to be raffled off and won!


Judy Serrano, the author and reporter who is going to review our books--and she donated four of hers to the raffle basket!

I wish I'd been able to take photos of Wendy and the other Books-A-Million lady employee who came along to bring Jenny's books and who ended up blowing up balloons with my mother (the newly-83-yr-old in the red sweater) to share with everyone's children . . . or photos of said children bouncing the balloons off their hands, their heads, and various authors . . . or photos of people standing up to find more books . . . or the general raucousness that was the signing/speaking time. But I was either doing the author bit or running about like the proverbial headless chicken trying to accomplish various tasks related to running the event. I never realized just how complicated and labor-intensive it would all be--especially hauling the books, food, and etc. up the front stoop and back to the extra-cool signing room! Most of the photos were snapped by my mother, in fact, and she really did quite well for someone who hadn't handled a digital camera very much. The pictures really do NOT give you the flavor of the event. You should see that place in person! If you can get over there to Lucky Dog Books, please do! Stop by and tell 'em I sent ya! (Jenny left about 10 signed books there and about 10 at the Grapevine Mills location of Books-A-Million, and we need you to go buy them NOW. You'll have to get my masterpieces from Amazon, though (Denise's page for MYSTERIES and ROMANTIC SUSPENSE and LITERARY CHICK LIT and Shalanna's page for YA FANTASY/ADVENTURE and URBAN FANTASY), because I didn't think to make an agreement with the store . . . I just hauled all those boxes back to the van. Duh!

After the three and a half hours of fun and hilarity, the authors took themselves to lunch at El Fenix (Tex-Mex) in Preston Hollow. Janis Susan May Patterson and unidentified husband (LOL); Jenny and Kevin Tipple discussing what to do with a book that you don't want (not really--there is no such thing!)

AND the bluebonnets were in bloom. What more could one ask than good friends, good books, and good weather?!