Friday, June 1, 2012

ManicReaders page is up!

I'm now listed on ManicReaders. I have an author page with a bio and clickable links to summaries of my books. All of the Oak Tree Press authors should be listed shortly, as arrangements have been made by our beloved and esteemed publisher!

For some reason, when I put my middle initial into my profile, their software included it in my link. I suppose this is good, becuase for the last year or so, when I have Googled myself, I haven't been the first "hit" to come up. Instead, I've gotten several hits for a singer with my name (the very idea! Somebody stealing my NAME) who has had several recent releases. Maybe we two shall meet someday and she can sing Gershwin tunes while I play piano, or we can harmonize on hymns. Also, the speaker of the North Carolina state house is named after us.

I could've kept my maiden name when I married lo these many moons ago, but no one could spell or pronounce "Gerneth." (GRRR-neth, with a short "e" in the second syllable.) It isn't hard for all those Gerneths in Munich, but my mom and I are the only remaining Gerneths in the USA. Therefore . . . there it is. What was I saying?

Oh, right.

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