Thursday, June 14, 2012

FREE Oak Tree Press books! Coming soon!

Guess what?

My publisher just revealed that she has special bookmarks to send me for my personal appearances. If someone buys a book at one of my personal appearances, I will give them a bookmark with a Special Code on it. Then if that person posts a review of my book on Amazon (it can be an honest review! Honestly!), he or she can redeem the bookmark for a FREE Oak Tree Press book by any of our authors!

This is a SWEET deal. I don't know of any other house offering such a deal right now.

It was a brilliant idea. It will be great at my signings.

Also, if someone buys a book somewhere else and I believe them (because I see the review up on Amazon, perhaps), then I will send them the Secret Code on the bookmark.

Win-win-win all around!

In other news, my release date may be set as early as late July! This is rocking my world! (Someone else slipped a deadline.) We could start the promotion tour in mid-July. We might have a tentative cover cobbled up in five days! This is really great. Stay tuned for more details.

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