Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Little Piece of Paradise on Earth--Pacific Grove, CA

I'm back from my trek to Left Coast Crime 2014 in Monterey, California. It should have been the trip of a lifetime, and in many ways it was, but . . . of course I had to get sick and miss out on some of the things I wanted to do. But I can now mark this off my list, and I accomplished my professional goals at the conference, so that's great.

Out family drove from Dallas/Ft Worth all the way across the Southwest and up Highway 1 to reach our beach house rental in Pacific Grove so that I could attend the conference. There's so much to tell you about and so much that I learned . . . but the stress of the trip (as well as the pre-trip planning and the arrangements for the house to be taken care of) caused me to break out with shingles!

I didn't know what it was until we got to Monterey and I went to the emergency room. (They are super-efficient and smart at CHOMP, and I can recommend them highly. The intake clerk asked, "Have you had chicken pox?") It's centered around my left eye, so they sent me to an ophthalmologist the next day, and I got eye drops. By the time we got home (seven days of "vacation" later and three more days driving), I was ready to see my home ophthalmologist, who diagnosed conjunctivitis and prescribed another set of eye drops. (He said my shingles seemed to be dying down, and I hope he's right--that burning across the scalp and temple is pretty rotten.) Good grief! I just can't get rested to do the things I need to do here at home, let alone for promo.

But! LOVE IS THE BRIDGE is starting a Kindle Countdown Deal this weekend!

From Friday, April 04, at 8 AM, the Kindle version will go for $0.99 (a 67% discount!) The trade paperback version will also be on SALE for $8.00. Such a deal! (I do love it when people buy the paper book, but some people prefer the Kindle versions. So long as you tell me how you liked it!)

Watch for it on Friday morning.

Love is the Bridge (Kindle download)

APRIL, MAYBE JUNE made its debut at LCC. I now have several copies to send to reviewers. I'll propose that if you will read and review the book, you can get a free copy through the mail! And if you send the link to your Amazon review to Muse Harbor Press (my publisher), you can get a discount on any other Muse Harbor book. What a deal. Try a sample (or do "Look Inside") at Amazon and see if you don't want to read more. (Remember, I write YA fantasy/adventure under my long-time 'net name, Shalanna Collins.)

April, Maybe June (Kindle edition)

I am thrilled by the great reviews APRIL, MAYBE JUNE, has received so far! I think it could really take off, if we could get word-of-mouth going. Doesn't hurt to mention it to people if you liked it (hint!)

I hated to leave such a wonderful spot, but after wrapping up the conference with the last panel, I sort of couldn't top that. See y'all at the next conference! Bring the books that you want autographed!


  1. Beautiful photos. I'm glad you are getting back to health.

    1. Oh, I hope I am--from your keyboard to GOD's monitor screen! I have an appointment with my regular doctor at 10 today (Friday) just to see if he thinks I was treated with the proper pills and drops and so forth, and see whether he can help with the fatigue. Just can't take care of Mama properly when I'm conking out every couple of hours. Could be one of the -mycins or the antiviral pill or whatever, or maybe I'm malnourished (LOLOL). But I do feel better tonight. Woke up to thunder. We need the rain. Dallas has her good points, but there is no place like that Big Sur/Carmel/Pacific Grove area for just plain natural beauty, IMHO. I know Yosemite and Yellowstone are also grand, but I would have to be hand-carried on a litter to go either place right now. Have a bookstore signing to the south of here in a few weeks, and I'm hoping to be all sparkly by then. *LOL* Thanks for taking a look and commenting!