Monday, January 7, 2013

Sing we now of downloads

Wow! I see that almost two hundred people have downloaded MURDER BY THE MARFA LIGHTS so far this year, meaning over the past week. Twenty people bought it outright for $1.99 (they are flush with cash!). It would have been one more, but that person "refunded" immediately because he/she apparently realized the book could be borrowed through whatever program that is, and borrowed it. (Borrowing/lending is shown on my sales report, as well.) The others got it during the free promo days. Then there were around 200 downloads. So now what I'm wondering is . . . are they actually reading it? Do they like it? Do they get a little ways through it and stop? Do they just have it in the to-read queue? Nobody goes off and reviews books as a matter of course any more, so I have no way of knowing. It's nice to know that the book is out there, getting at least a small chance in the world (not comparable to some of the books by authors I know who did the same free promo and got THOUSANDS of downloads, but a chance nevertheless that the book would not have had sitting here on the disk.) But it would be really cool to hear back from some of the readers, for good or ill. Private email or a comment on one of the blogs would be fine if they don't want to fool with Amazon. Whatever method you're willing to use will help the poor benighted author. In other news, I have three ant bites on my toes and they're KILLING me. The recent rain brought some ants into the kitchen and bathroom, but they hang out on the floor and they're tiny so as to do a lot of stealth stinging. Oy!

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