Saturday, May 26, 2012

Here's an example of a cartoon that I'm working on for a promotional flyer. I may end up not using it, but at least I'm thinking about promotion.
It's so hot today that I decided not to survey brick-and-mortar stores in the area the way I had planned. I-35 has been shut down because of all the wrecks resulting from the masses of people trying to get up here from Austin/San Antonio (and I can't IMAGINE why!). The stores are packed with lookie-loos. We don't have a pool! (sob) So I'm sitting in here doing what I can by way of planning.

I'm also trying to decide what is scary enough to include in the next book in the series.

What scares you?

1. Sharks

2. Clowns

3. Nuns (with rulers)

(Lawyers and sharks may or may not be equivalenced)

Input! I need input.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The first step on the road to A REAL BOOK

I'm working on my first blog post for the Oak Tree Press collaborative blog. Don't want it to be just like every other "The Call" post, but it will be a little bit like most of them. Trying to make it original but not too wacky, humorous but not too flippant or twee. No wonder it's taking me a little while to do it. Will post a link as soon as I have one.

Meanwhile, my contest announcement (and the one for the romance contest as well( is up at the Oak Tree Press main site!

And while we don't have a book cover, I have a book cover icon!

Looks a little lame, eh? It's just a placeholder for now. I'm designing my promotional postcards and flyers as well as the Web presence, and I need an icon for placement.

I can't express how excited I am about working with Oak Tree Press for my first mystery release! In these blog posts I intend to chronicle my adventure. Join me as we work our way towards a stack of signable books at the authors' table!

So where are you going to play for the long weekend?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

NICE WORK by Denise Weeks wins 2011 Dark Oak Mystery Contest


NOW it can be told!

NICE WORK, the first novel in my Jacquidon and Chantal Carroll mystery series, has won the Dark Oak Tree mystery contest and will be published by Oak Tree Press!!

This morning I got my contract by e-mail and an agreement to sign. I've signed, and the process to publish the book is in motion. It could be a Christmas release, but we're still in the preliminary stages of planning. As you probably know, traditional publishing (which this is) moves somewhat more slowly than the small YA/fantasy press I have worked with for my books (written as Shalanna Collins) DULCINEA, CAMILLE'S TRAVELS, and APRIL, MAYBE JUNE. (Oh, and of course LITTLE RITUALS, by Denise Weeks.) But perhaps this one will surprise us and not take as long. Stay tuned.

This series is the "Snoop Sisters" humorous and non-gory/not-so-dark line. It doesn't have the angst of the MARFA LIGHTS/Ariadne French series. What it does have, I hope, is a take on cozy/traditional mystery style that will appeal to fans of the Anne George "Southern Sisters" mysteries (much missed) and witty romps like the old Helen Hayes/Ruth Gordon "Snoop Sisters" television program.

One can dream. And sometimes one's dream can come true!

The Book's Own Blog:

Oak Tree Press Home

(They haven't announced the contest win yet, but I am told I can post about it now myself)