Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No such thing as bad publicity

At least that's what my dad always said. I think he had it right! People remember your name, and then say, "Why do I know this person?" They might just pick up your book or album because the title rings a bell.

This week I'm featured on the Romancing the Heart interview site. Be sure to visit and LEAVE A COMMENT!

My other mystery, MARFA LIGHTS, is included in the All Mystery E-Newsletter. I'm on the bottom of the list with "W" there, but it's still good.

I grow weary of having to promote all the time. I have other books to write. I need to work on the books I already have under contract. I am not an extrovert. Why, O Why? But we have to toot our own horns. No one else will blow them for us. So to speak.

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